The Sticky Story

Emily Jean Carroll
The Sticky Story by Emily Jean Carroll What is a sticky story? A sticky story is the kind you want to write. I can think of three kinds. You want your readers–beginning with the editor or publisher you send the story to–to turn page after page of your…

Painting With A Character’s Brush

By Janell Looney
Every aspect of our own personal history colors the way we experience the world around us. The same must be true for the story world as experienced by our characters. Effective use of point of view (POV) means far more than staying in one character’s head, describing events through her eyes. Her personality, her history, her view of the world, must affect every aspect of the way she narrates those events.

Dynamic Characters

By: Nancy Kress
Characters, they are the life of your story. Literally. As a long time reader it has always been my opinion that the greatest books are the ones with full, believable characters. You know what I mean? They make finishing a book bittersweet, you are happy to know the end and yet,

Crafting Romantic Suspense

By Nora Roberts
Construction is tone of the key words in creating romantic suspense. In a romance novel, the love story is built step by step on the emotions, needs, doubts and personalities of the protagonists. In a suspense, the mystery, intrigue, secret or tension is built state by state with facts, innuendo, atmosphere and action.

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