Writing a Synopsis & Query Letter

by Charlotte Dillon
I think this is probably one of my most popular pages. It doesn’t matter if you are submitting to an agent, a big New York publishing house, or a small press, you have to have a synopsis and a query letter to go with that manuscript. In fact, many of the big houses, and even some agents, will only accept a query and or a synopsis.  Chapters can only be sent later if they ask to see them. Hopefully, the information you’ll find listed here will have you writing both like an old pro.

Surviving a Book Proposal

by Teri Brown
When the editor of EI asked me to write an article on book proposals, I thought, “Why me?” Just because I wrote a book proposal and actually sold a book with it doesn’t make me an expert. Experienced, maybe. But not an expert. So now you’re wondering why you should bother to read an article on book proposals by someone who isn’t an expert. I’ll tell you why…. because I survived it and I can tell you how you can too.

Landing An Agent Elements Of A Winning Query

Tips and Updates From Writer’s Digest
Every writer knows a strong query letter is essential for getting an agent. But what goes into a winning query and how does one go about finding representation? “Guide to Literary Agents” asked five recently published authors just that, and they all responded in detail. Here are a few of their pointers on the do’s and don’ts of querying.

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