Need a Clip? Open a Newspaper

Shirley Jump
As any fledgling writer knows, there’s a giant Catch-22 in the publishing world – can’t get published without clips and can’t get clips without getting published.

Freelance Writing 101

Angela Adair
Anyone can be a writer, anywhere! Freelance writing was one of the premiere home-based businesses of all time. From the vintage typewriter to the high-tech home computers of today, freelance writing has remained a reliable source of income for wordsmiths worldwide. Their clients include magazines, newsletters, newspapers, book publishers, greeting card firms, gaming companies, and corporate clientele.

Making Money As a Corporate Freelancer

Shirley Jump
One of the fastest-growing and most-lucrative areas for writing is corporate writing. If you have some understanding of marketing, a flair for words and an ability to meet short deadlines, this is a great area to consider.

Write Your Way to $1000 a Month

By Shirley Kawa-Jump
A lot of writers will tell you that making $1000 a month from writing isn’t all that difficult. But how do they do it?  When I set a goal for “x” number of dollars to make from my writing, I do several things to accomplish that goal:

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