The Top 10 Email Errors

1. Not reading over what you have written. Spelling, grammar, errors of omission, and using the wrong word are very common. While your friends might not care, your business associates might. Taking a moment to re-read your message before you hit Send is an easy way to make a better impression.

Stopping Viruses from Propagating Through Your Email

Deanna Lilly
When you install Microsoft Office, or another office suite, they often come with an email client, or you may use an online email mail program.  More often than not, the default option for receiving mail is set to open your mail automatically within 5 seconds.  The problem with this setting is that even before most of the mail is downloaded to your email client, you could have received and spread   a virus infected email — that means it is spreading before you can blink.

Building Your Web Site and Doing It Right

Deanna Lilly
Today, the general public expects a business to have an online presence. As an author or writer, you are a business.  Business owners who realize this will definitely want their own web sites, and some of them will take the do-it-yourself route. Small business owners in particular can feel pressure to save money by doing their own work. Its definitely doable if you’re persistent and motivated. Sometimes, though, creating a web site begins to feel like do-it-yourself dentistry. A crash course in HTML and web authoring programs can start to feel like you’re drilling your own tooth.

Don’t Spread Scams

Deanna Lilly
How many times have you received a warning from someone who has sent it to 200 of their closest friends, posted it on FaceBook and so on?   Before you re-post that wonderful warning you just read and become a rumor monger, spreading false warnings, please check the sources to see if it is a scam or a legitimate warning.

How to Annoy Your Website Visitors

Deanna Lilly
Start with an entry page that includes a huge graphical logo, lots of flash animation or background music files that take centuries to load. Don’t include any information about your company on the entry page. Why bother, it’s entertaining.

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