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The magazines in the list below offer advice to aspiring and established writers.  Several of the magazines and ezines listed below are accepting submissions from new and established writers.  Some magazines and ezines are listed for the research material they provide.

Unblocking Your Muze

by Mia Zachary
There you are. It’s your favorite time of day; you’re in your preferred spot on your preferred chair in front of your laptop. After flexing a few times, your fingers descend to the keyboard. You take a deep, cleansing breath and- Just check email right quick, maybe post “Don’t bother me, I’m writing” on Facebook, then click on this one article link…

Reconsider Hand Writing

By Mia Zachary

Mia Zachary
Novelist Robert Stone said: “I write in longhand in order to be precise. On a typewriter or word processor you can rush something that shouldn’t be rushed — you can lose nuance, richness, lucidity. The pen compels lucidity.”  Another novelist who goes old school is Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods and Neverwhere, writes his first drafts in longhand using fountain puns and moleskin. “One reason I like writing by hand is it slows me down a little, but it also forces me to keep going: I’m never going to spend half a day noodling with a sentence to try and get it just right, if I’m using a pen. I’ll do all that when I start typing.”

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