Need a Clip? Open a Newspaper

Shirley Jump
As any fledgling writer knows, there’s a giant Catch-22 in the publishing world – can’t get published without clips and can’t get clips without getting published.

Freelance Writing 101

Angela Adair
Anyone can be a writer, anywhere! Freelance writing was one of the premiere home-based businesses of all time. From the vintage typewriter to the high-tech home computers of today, freelance writing has remained a reliable source of income for wordsmiths worldwide. Their clients include magazines, newsletters, newspapers, book publishers, greeting card firms, gaming companies, and corporate clientele.

Making Money As a Corporate Freelancer

Shirley Jump
One of the fastest-growing and most-lucrative areas for writing is corporate writing. If you have some understanding of marketing, a flair for words and an ability to meet short deadlines, this is a great area to consider.

The Power of the Press

Linda Sherwood
This article is a follow-up to “How to be a (shiver) reporter.” The dead air greeted me across the phone lines. The person on the other end had hung up seconds after I’d uttered the words, “This is Linda Sherwood, I’m a reporter.” I hadn’t even had time to finish my sentence.

An Interview with Holly Ambrose

Holly Ambrose has a degree in journalism from Florida International University in North Miami. Her publishing career began with freelance articles, which she continues to write today. Holly worked previously as an editor for a children’s educational CD-ROM and had a stint as editor/writer of a quarterly magazine for a non-profit organization.

Craft True-to-Life Nonfiction Characters

Characters are the soul of what’s come to be called creative nonfiction, an umbrella term that covers memoir, the personal essay and literary journalism, among others. But characters in nonfiction present special problems: While characters in fiction are often based on real people, there’s still that screen. In nonfiction, by contrast, the writer is telling the reader: These people I’m bringing to you are real.

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