A Writers Dream-The Home Office

Linda S. Dupie
Lately, I find myself sitting at my computer daydreaming about the office I wish I had. You know the one with the giant oak desk, big comfortable chair, and bookshelves that never end. All my files are neatly arranged, stowed away in their proper place and don’t forget the home office necessity, sound proof walls.

The Art of Procrastination

Margaret Terhune
My friends and family think of me as an organized, efficient person. I pay my bills on time, keep my house relatively clean and remember most people’s birthdays. When it comes to my writing life, however, things are a little bit different. Organization and efficiency, neatness and cleanliness become wonderful reasons to put off working. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing. I wouldn’t spend so much time doing it if I didn’t love it. It’s just that, sometimes, it takes me a little while to get started.

Teach Yourself to Write

Shirley Jump
You, too, can teach yourself to write
. No, this isn’t an infomercial with Ron Popeil. It’s not a classified ad looking to take your money in exchange for nothing. It’s true advice for aspiring writers who come from nontraditional backgrounds and who want to learn how to write.

Moving Mountains

Jennifer L. Doloski
My eight-month-old had decided, yet again, to forgo her afternoon nap. Her older sister dutifully napping, Anna seemed to know that she had me all to herself and wasn’t going to waste that opportunity by sleeping through it. Spreading a blanket on the den floor, with several pillows behind her as tipping insurance, I turned her loose with a shape sorter, a cloth house with four buggy looking cloth friends, and a few favorite rattles. Thanks to her recently acquired skill of being able to sit unassisted, she was investigating some of these toys for the first time. In the midst of editing one article, composing another, doing research on the Internet, and listening to some “mood music,” I had hoped to move mountains during nap time.

Mommy’s Muse

Jennifer L. Doloski
At 1:30 p.m. the nap-time race begins. With a kiss, I lay the baby in her crib. I shut my elder daughter’s bedroom door and sprint to the den. For the next stretch of time, 45 minutes on a bad day, 2 hours if the alignment of the planets is just so, I get to be a writer. When the nursery monitor cackles I send my muse home for the day and become Mommy once more.

Writing Conferences-Educating and Inspiring

Margaret Terhune
A few weeks ago, I attended the Society of Children’s Book writers and Illustrators’ (SCBWI) annual New England conference. Conferences offer rare opportunities to meet and learn from seasoned authors and editors. I love going to good conferences: being surrounded by so many other writers motivates me to come home and write with renewed passion and hope.

Affirm All You Want

Mia Zachary
When the end of the year draws near and a new start is in sight, the clock is ticking down, but your heart is speeding up. Why?  Because the past eleven months didn’t go the way you’d hoped, so you feel obligated to make some resolutions.

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