Various Types of Writing for Young Writers

Mary Ellen Allen
So often we or our students think of writing as composing poetry and  fiction stories. Usually we don’t consider non-fiction pieces,  interviews, reports, essays, letters, and other similar forms. When  youngsters say, “I can’t think of a story,” suggest other types of  writing which might dispel their “writer’s block.”

Keep a Clipping File

Mary Emma Allen
I keep a clipping file for my own writing and suggest that teachers do this to use in the classroom. Also encourage older student writers to keep their own files. When I teach writing in schools, I often pull out my clipping folder for youngsters to use.

Ideas Escape Me

Linda S. Dupie
Have you ever said, “I have nothing to write about.” It’s just not true. You have plenty look around. Everywhere you go; everywhere you look there are hundreds of ideas. You have to open your eyes and mind and let them in.

Beyond the Basics

Linda S. Dupie
The tools of a writer go beyond pen and paper or your word processor. Writers also use non-tangible tools like observation and ideas. You need to be aware of your surroundings, recognize and capitalize on ideas, and have the ability to conduct research.

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