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Why Children Like to Write Fiction Stories

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By: Jamie Roy

Writing is an excellent form of communication, which is why so many schools and institutions prioritize it. Even parents send their children to English tuition to truly grasp the language, which will help them in later years. Writing is considered an art, and for good reason. There is something special about how mere words written on a piece of paper can bring so much to life in the form of stories. Written stories that gain popularity are often adapted into movies and series on the big screens. In short, written stories provide great entertainment for us in various ways, and the great thing about it is that anyone can write it, even children. Many famous writers started off writing as kids too, and you may find their children may have an interest in it. But what is it about writing that attracts children so much? This article will look at why children like to write fiction stories.

Creativity Expression

Children are young and have a lot of imagination in their heads. Writing stories enables them to tap into their imagination and get creative with their ideas. They can then write these stories and express themselves in a way that they wouldn’t be able to in the confines of their mind. They can create characters in fantastical worlds, other planets, or even different times. The potential is endless. This creativity also allows them to build up their imagination, pushing their brains to turn their realities into readable stories. This creative expression can serve them well later as they may have the resources to turn their ideas into reality.

Coping With Feelings

Children are young and innocent because of which they do not understand how the way works. No matter how much you protect them or raise them well, they will feel emotions with which they may have difficulty coming to terms. For example, a friend at their school may have hurt them somehow and want to express their sadness. Perhaps there’s some trouble at home, and they want to express it. Whatever the case may be, fiction stories allow children to express their troubles in creative ways in a way that provides them with clarity. This allows them to release any sadness they might be feeling and cope with the feelings healthily.

Escape and Relaxation

The real world can be complicated for the innocent minds of children. School, especially, can be pretty overwhelming for them because of which they may require an escape from the stresses they may have experienced. Writing fiction is an excellent way to escape the real world and indulge in soothing fantasies. This can allow them to relax and may energize them after a tiring day. Writing stories over time can provide them with a sense of security and familiarity that they may not have in real life.

Mimicking Their Favorite Writers

If your child has a favorite book series, the writer is likely someone they admire. Such a book series or writer could inspire your child to write a similar story but add some creative changes to call the work their own. This is because it takes a lot of work to create a fantasy world from scratch, and by using worlds created by other writers, children can write fiction more easily. For example, the Harry Potter series has many fan fictions because they like the world a lot. If they look up to a writer, they may perhaps try to write a story that lives up to that standard to become a writer like them one day. It is a great idea to encourage your children to write as this is a valuable skill that can help them later.

Wrapping Up

Writing fiction is considered an art and a skill essential to the entertainment industry. It is an attractive hobby for children for many reasons mentioned in this article. We advise you to encourage your children or students to write fiction as it will help elevate their skills and allow them to build their imagination. This will help them in the long run later in their life

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