Does Your Plot Need a Subplot?

by Marti Talbott
The beginning of every bestselling novel starts with “What if?” What if a jagged, black, hairline crack suddenly appeared in a clear blue sky?  If you’re a writer, your mind is already racing. You’ve turned every telescope in the world that direction, you’ve sent fighter jets up and you’ve thought of at least three main characters — a scientist to figure out what’s happening, his hysterical wife and perhaps the egotistical head of the research department who just won’t listen.

Writing the Novel by the Numbers

By Jack Bludis awa Jack Burns
Originally titled: Mystery by the Numbers   In answer to the question about how novels get written:  There are several ways to write a novel, one is to wing it, which works if you’ve done a lot of reading and a lot of writing. Another is to do bits and pieces and string them together, this works too, but it can drive you crazy.

The All Purpose Plot

By Jack Bludis awa Jack Burns
The basic plot work for most stories, novels and screenplays — Here it is.  A sympathetic lead character has a desperate need for something — knowledge, success, love, a solution, to avoid danger.  He or she makes an effort to reach success or achieve what he needs.

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