Submission Tracking

Linda S. Dupie
Recently a writer asked me how I keep track of my submissions, this is something I hadn’t thought about often, but something I do day after day.  There are as many ways to track your submissions, as there are writers, for simplicity we’ll look at three of the most common systems I have found while talking to writers. Some writers use their computers, others use index cards, notebooks, and some write the information on the files they keep for each project. Others use all of the above.

Publishers Websites

This list will continue to grow as we receive your links.  As with Editors and Agents links, always Google the agency and see if there are any bad reviews or warnings against the publishing house.

The Great Limbo Mystery Question

I published one middle grade novel with a school book fair house.  It was eaten this summer by a bigger school book fair house.  My second novel had been edited.  The art was done.  It was going to press. Kaboom.  The big guy says they bought the boxes but not the rights to unpublished books.  Was my book published?  I got an advance.  The people that bought it do not exist any more (I don’t think).  Shall I try to sell the book to someone else?

Copyright Primer, Know Your Rights

Linda S. Dupie
When an editor gives you the great news your article or essay is ready for publication; do you know what rights you’re selling? As a young writer knowing your rights is key.  Your work is copyrighted the moment you put your words on paper, meaning you own the rights to your work.

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