How To Write Your Own Press Releases

By Megan Potter
Writing press releases is a relatively easy way to make money, once you get all the essentials down. Anyone can write press releases in their spare time as a means to supplement their creative income. All that they need is a little bit of marketing and practice. Writing Corner wants to be sure you know everything there is to know about writing press releases.

Plan for Success

by Mary Anne Hahn
Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood — Make big plans, aim high in hope and in work. –Daniel H. Burnham,Architect  Before you post your first web site, print your first business card or hang that shingle on your door, you can lay a foundation for your writing business that might make all the difference in the world between total success and dismal failure.

Knowing and Finding Your Voice

By Shirley Kawa-Jump
Finding your true writing voice is a lot like falling in love — you know it when it happens. Until then, you bumble along, trying this style and that, wondering if this is it or if a better voice is out there just waiting for you. You question and doubt, reaching nearly the point of despair before finally, your true voice comes to you and you know exactly who you are as a writer.

Working with a Critique Group

By Shirley Kawa-Jump
Not all of us are objective about our work. In fact, if you asked even top authors if they are the best voice of reason over what works and doesn’t work in a given story, they’d probably say no. Why? We are too close to our writing to see the flaws. And to be quite honest, a piece of writing is a lot like a child–even if your kid is ugly in the eyes of other people, you see the beautiful creation of your genes. You don’t see the missing plot lines, the stilted dialogue, the flowering descriptions. You see art.

Write Your Way to $1000 a Month

By Shirley Kawa-Jump
A lot of writers will tell you that making $1000 a month from writing isn’t all that difficult. But how do they do it?  When I set a goal for “x” number of dollars to make from my writing, I do several things to accomplish that goal:

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