Charlotte DillionCharlotte Dillon – “Making up stories is always a great distraction, the very best kind of distraction!”Charlotte was born in southern Louisiana, less than a couple of hours from New Orleans. As a child she feared bedtime, when the house grew still and quiet; lights would be turned out one by one, and her bedroom settled into inky darkness and shadows. Each night she invented characters, designed worlds, and slipped away from the darkness and childhood fears. In high school, a friend gave her a romance novel. The perfect kind of book; always happy endings, the good guys never finished last, and dreams come true. Thousands of romances later, marriage and babies, she wrote the first words of her own romance. Back then she thought just wrote a manuscript, sent it to a publisher, and a few months later it was a book on the shelves. A year’s collection of rejection letters proved her greenhorn theory dead wrong! Now, she spends her days as a freelance writer, and evenings and weekends working on tales of heroes, heroines, and the kind of romance dreams are made of.