Donna ClaytonAn award-winning, best-selling author, Donna Clayton [awa Donna Fasan], blames her entire writing career on her husband. “I was perfectly happy simply reading all those luscious Silhouette Romance novels,” she says, with a grin. However, when her youngest son started school, she decided it was time for her to venture out into the world to find a job. “Not that motherhood isn’t a job,” she is quick to assure. “Being a parent — raising self-confident, independent, secure, kind and caring kids — is one of life’s most important occupations. However, raising children these days takes more money than is contained in the National Mint.”

Years ago, her husband took one look at the piles upon piles of romance novels lying around and said, “Why don\t you write a book?” Maybe he was being sincere…maybe he was being facetious, but whatever the intent, his suggestion planted a seed in Donna’s mind, a seed that quickly sprouted and took root.