Megan PotterMegan Potter is a Spiritual and Intuitive Coach and Speaker and strives to be a general, all around inspirer (is that a word?) of people – aka a Muse. And that doesn’t even include all her normal girl jobs! Her blog at Limitless Living is meant to inspire all the normal, everyday women, just like her, to believe that they are really Gorgeous, Brave women who can change the world and live a life with no limits. She’s all about Spirit and Passion and Living Your Purpose with Creativity and Joy; even if she is learning as she goes.

Goal: “My goal is to post three time a week (one of which is a Meme I’ve been running) so my goal would be six posts plus the ones I have to blog in the interim.” Using the wisdom of the Five Elements (cue the “Power of Greyskull” music) I equip trailblazers, provocateurs, leaders and successful women, for whom good enough is more like being forced to eat nothing but trail mix for days on end – never quite satisfying (plus, sticking in your teeth and a little drying), to recognize the unrecognizable, to make their way in uncharted territory and to transcend their limits – all of their limits (no more banging your head on that inexplicable, invisible ceiling).