Teraisa J Goldman2Teraisa J. Goldman is Senior Editor of the free award winning newsletter, Get It In Writing! (for newly published and unpublished writers), and Contributor of multiple award winning Writing Corner. ByLine Magazine has hired her as the Nevada State Representative. She teaches a writing course for the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada, and in conjunction with the Community Writer’s Association, she teaches a Newsletter Writing class online. She has written for magazines such as: Woman’s Day, Highlight’s For Children, Capital Christian Communicator, LIVE, Rest Stop Writers, The Link, and America’s Home. She is contributing writer for iParenting, BriefMe, The Good Word and Work At Home. She has been researching and writing a nonfiction book, “The U-Haul Murders: True Crime and Capital Punishment”, and has a complete screenplay, “Prophesy” in circulation at this moment. This year, she is a featured writer in Angela Giles Klocke’s book for writers and Teri Brown’s book for Christian Unschoolers. When she is not writing, she is a wife, and a mother to three homeschooling children. She resides in the beautiful capital of Nevada, Carson City.