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2023 MAR Calls for Submissions

Calls for Submission, RESOURCES-TIPS

Calls for Submissions

Below are the CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR MARCH 2023.  The listings are Multiple Genre.  If you find a call for submissions you would like added to the list, please EMAIL ME.

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We accept manuscripts across all genres, with or without an agent, from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a new author or have been previously published, Austin Macauley Publishers™ would like to hear from you. The review process can take up to three weeks. We will contact you once a decision has been reached.  Accepting manuscriptions without literary representation.


Each month we curate a list of contests, fellowships, and other writing opportunities with approaching deadlines. Opportunities will be posted in the month prior to their deadlines, so that you have ample time to submit your work or applications.


45 Magazines Accepting Creative Nonfiction and Essays
These literary magazines and other outlets publish a variety of nonfiction/essays. A few are looking for themed submissions. Some of them pay writers. Most, but not all, of them are open for submissions now. They’re in no particular order.  Found on The Writers Forum Facebook group.  You may want to join the group and the site.

List of several types of subbmission calls


The Call for Papers website is provided by the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania as a courtesy to the academic community.  We welcome literature and humanities calls for papers.  SCROLL FOR DEADLINES


Here’s a full list of submission and freelancing opportunities we’ve shared in 2023, updated at least twice a month. Bookmark this list to stay up to date on new postings.  Updated regularly.


Have you experienced a miraculous angel encounter? If so, we’re looking for your story! Get all the details and submit your story on our website:  FACEBOOK LINK:

ANGELS:  The deadline for submissions has been extended to MARCH 30, 2023.
Angels and miracles are all around us if we keep our eyes open. Have you experienced a divine intervention, answered prayer, or other miraculous occurrence courtesy of someone you think just might have been an angel. Do you have a guardian angel who seems to swoop in and help you when you need it?

We are looking for true personal stories about how an angel has touched your life – stories of true wonder and awe from people who have directly encountered or received help from angels. We’re looking for amazing stories that will make people say “wow” or give our readers chills. Have you experienced something otherworldly or celestial? Or had a personal experience with an angel or divine being? How did your angel manifest himself or herself to you? Were you the only person who saw your angel? How did your angel protect or guide you?

We are looking for stories, and poems that tell a story, from writers of all faiths. This includes writers who do not follow a particular religion. This book is by and for everyone.

Please note that we are not looking for stories about people who are “angels” because they do nice things, and also please do not submit eulogies about a loved one who has died and is now an “angel.”


Inspired by the mission and role of the town common, an egalitarian gathering place, The Common aims to foster the global exchange of diverse ideas and experiences. As such, we welcome and encourage submissions from writers who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, disabled, LGBTQIA+-identifying, immigrant, international, and/or otherwise from communities underrepresented in U.S. literary magazines and journals.


A long lis of calls for submission for all genres.  Working taking a look at.  Has a quick genre sorter .  Scroll down for current and future dates.


List of Literary Agents 2022-2023 – Use our free lists of book agents in our literary agencies database for all Book Agents Near Me searches.


A large list by month of variouys resources requesting submissions.


We evaluate poetry, fiction, non-fiction, children’s fiction, biographies, degree theses. There are no thematic limits.
The minimum length of submitted works must be 40 pages (72,000 characters in total); a minimum of 25 poems should be sent for poetry. There is no limit for the maximum length.

Book synopsis and short author bio are welcome, although not indispensable.
The authors of the manuscripts that will be considered suitable for any publication will receive our proposal, which may or may not involve a co-production. Deadline March  5, 2023


Check out their Lastest listings page for various types of contests and Calls for Submission.  Newest listing show 37 Free Writing Contests…


Golden Storyline Books are proud to collaborate with established authors and new and emerging writers. Submissions can be made by agents, publishers or authors directly. We regard ourselves as being a vehicle for creative voices to reach a wide audience.


Our editors are looking for high quality literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that combine a distinct voice with a distinct vision. Our editors seek out and solicit promising work from authors that they encounter in the pages of magazines, at writing conferences, and in other venues.


WRITE FOR HARLEQUIN – You’ve come to the right place to find out what Harlequin editors are looking for right now. Active calls for submissions are posted on this page and change regularly. If you don’t see anything here now, check back for updates.


How2Conquer is a boutique indie book publisher proudly based in East Atlanta Village (the coolest neighborhood in the Southeast). We connect subject experts with the subject curious through empowering nonfiction books. We launched in 2016 with a goal of making self-help and learning fresh and engaging because readers aren’t idiots. Or dummies.  Our authors generally come to us because they are working on a book they think could help people, but publishing can be difficult to navigate. We support them throughout the publishing journey, from developing a manuscript to helping build their platform and marketing efforts.


Joffe Books is one of the UK’s leading independent publishers of excellent commercial fiction, especially crime and mystery fiction. We are renowned for working closely with authors from across the world to create fantastic books and turning them into bestsellers.  We accept submissions from agents, previously published authors (including self-published authors) with long backlists, first-time writers with only one book under their belt, and anyone in between. We pride ourselves on the passion and dedication we pour into each and every book we publish.  Check the SUBMISSIONS menu.


A list of editors seeking submissions for various genre, including fiction, poetry. essays and more.


Do you have a finished piece that’s looking for a home? Or are you interested in attending a conference, submitting for a literary prize, or applying for a residency or scholarship?

Below you’ll find current calls for submission and deadlines (organized by deadline) hosted by people and organizations in New Hampshire and Vermont—with occasional worthy appearances from Western Massachusetts and Maine. Check the bottom of the page for ongoing submission opportunities, or opportunities for which no deadline has been given.


SUBMISSIONS:  This is the only screenplay competition founded by a team of working Hollywood professionals with more than 1,000 produced credits and a century of collective industry experience.  Our roster of Senior Judges includes multiple Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and WGA Award Winners.

Feature Screenplay
TV Script
Short Screenplay


Lucky Jefferson accepts submissions of unpublished poetry and flash fiction or subjects relating to the current theme or collection.


We are currently accepting original submissions for an anthology of words and images of Christian motherhood! Being a mom comes in many forms (adoption, fostering, etc) and phases (pregnancy through empty nests) and is interwoven with faith in infinitely varied ways. We pray this anthology reflects the Creator of that diversity and celebrates the common threads that weave the tapestry of motherhood. Accepting Visual Art, Poetry, Non-Fiction, and Fiction,  Deadline March 31. 2023


View the latest calls for submissions for writing, art, book-length and chapbook-length manuscripts, photography, and more from magazines, publishers, writing conferences and events, writing programs, etc.  Informatino added regularly.


Scroll dow to the section on AGENTS & EDITORS TAKING ON PITCHES


List of Contests:
Submission Guidelines:
Submit Online:


The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature’s DAWN issue. This bright, awakening, and challenging composition comprises a multitude of world views, places, and experiences. We explore new beginnings, transitions, dawnings, and realisations. New landscapes are explored. New places ventured. New experiences, in familiar environs, are retold. New is often seen as positive, yet change is often more complex, and we look at this too.


We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors.  Please see below for our submission guidelines.


Poets & Writers Magazine is unable to check all claims made by advertisers. Readers should be aware of publishers who charge, rather than pay, an author for publication; publishers who do not pay for publication, even in copies; publishers who require a purchase before publication; and contests that charge high reading fees. The magazine recommends that you see the publication and submission guidelines before submitting a manuscript.


113 Calls for Submission: Scifi, Fantasy, YA, Memoir, Literary Fiction, Nonfiction and more

“This June there are more than four dozen calls for submissions. All of these are paying markets, and none charge submission fees. As always, every genre, style, and form is wanted, from short stories to poetry to essays.
Happy submitting.”


This January there are more than three dozen writing contests calling for every genre and form, from poetry, to creative nonfiction, to completed novels. Prizes range from $100,000 to publication. None charge entry fees.

Looking for Authors:

Calls for Submissions:


Attention, Young Adult authors.  Readict publishing is looking for new YA novel content to license for our popular Readict app. These can be books that deal primarily with “real life” scenarios (e.g. John Green), or that cross into other genres as well (e.g., Leigh Bardugo).   REQUIREMENTS: Submit either a completed manuscript (40k words+) OR the first five chapters along with an overall synopsis of the book.  Depending on the number of submissions, response time can be 1-2 weeks.
There are two ways to submit:  Email

We’re looking for more stories in the genres of *Werewolf/Shapeshifter* and *Billionaire Romance*. If you have something that fits into one (or both) of these categories, we’d love to hear from you — you can be a new writer or someone who’s completed several novels.
There are two ways to submit:
1. Email:
2. Go to & click the “Get Published” link at the top of the page.
REQUIREMENTS: Submit either the first five chapters (along with a synopsis of the book) OR a completed novel (over 40,000 words).
Please be sure to proofread your work before submitting. Depending on number of submissions, response time may be 1-2 weeks. We look forward to discovering some great new stories.


Check this space regularly for periodic Calls for Submissions from the editors of Science Editor. Suggestions for submissions and new topics or areas of interest are always welcome at   For a description of article types of interest, please see our Information for Authors page.


Solstice Literary Magazine is a compilation of stories, ideas, and experiences of community members from all over. The magazine is a space that allows for people to write freely and purposefully, nurturing meaningful interaction and conversation among topics of diversity and social justice.  We value diverse voices and perspectives that examine the full spectrum of human experiences, amplify marginalized perspectives, and explore what it means to have a more compassionate and equitable society as we move into our future.


How to Submit Creative Writing and Art to Stone Soup.  Stone Soup welcomes submissions from around the world by writers and artists ages 13 and younger. All submissions must come to us via Submittable. We do not accept submissions by email or by post.


We publish personal essays, short stories, poems, and black-and-white photography in print and online in our monthly magazine. We’re looking for narrative writing and evocative photography from all over the world. Send us work that maps the human landscape, where the light catches on the faintest joy, where darkness sometimes threatens to overwhelm, and where ✗ never marks the spot because the truth is never so simple.


Three times per year, Tin House offers a two-day submission period for writers to submit their work. Eligible writers must not currently have an agent, and must not have previously published a book (chapbooks okay). Per our schedule below, we accept works of fiction, literary nonfiction, and poetry, both originally in English and in translation (please only submit translation projects which the translator has already been granted formal permission to translate), and ask that you do not send us a project unless you have a completed draft.  In particular, we are looking to engage with work by writers from historically underrepresented communities, including—but not limited to—those who are Black, Indigenous, POC, disabled, neurodivergent, trans and LGBTQIA+, debuting after 40, and without an MFA.


To celebrate Dolly Parton’s 76th birthday, Madville Press is publishing a Dolly Parton print anthology of poetry. “Dazzle us with your Dolly expertise. Pay tribute to her music, movies, TV appearances, philanthropy, Dollywood, Dollyisms, interviews, fashion influence, religious connection, family history. We want to see how you envision


It is important that you read the complete guidelines for each contest or reading period before submitting your work. Writers submitting work for consideration may be published authors or writers without previous book publications. Submissions are accepted from anyone writing in the English language, whether living in the United States or abroad.


The editors of Waxing & Waning want what’s on the fringe. Whatever is deep and true. The moon represents this idea: what is dark, what is brooding, what is wild, what is crescent and changing. We want to feed the beast in you, the one buried beneath layers of manners and anxiety and internet induced abyss, repetition, and relative sameness. Work submitted to Waxing & Waning should be honest and well-executed. It should scream coherently; it should bring experiences and knowledge out of us that we have not seen before. It should rip out our black hearts and put them in front of our eyes. Bring us the work everyone else is afraid of. Bring us the work you’re afraid of. Bring us the work that gets at the trueness frightening you out of the routine.


Submission periods for WORDPEACE, a semi-annual online journal of literary response to world events are February 10 – April 10 (this year) and October 1 – December 1. Poetry, short fiction, non-fiction essays and visual art are welcome. The journal is published twice yearly at, usually in July and February.   cURRENT DEADLING APRIL 30, 2023


Find a place to publish your work.


As you already know, The Writer encourages all of our readers to practice their craft and put their stories in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. Writing contests have always been a vital part of the writing world, giving writers the chance to have their work reviewed by editors and possibly published. Literary journals, universities and even The Writer regularly host writing competitions, helping authors gain exposure and hone their craft. Choose your inspiration, submit before the deadline, and, as always, keep writing.

Guide to Literary Agents


Looking for the best opportunities for writers? Our Featured Listings offer the top writing contests, updated calls for submissions, plus great conferences and residencies. We’ve searched the Internet to bring you noteworthy calls for submissions and writing contest info, plus checked in on the hottest conferences and residencies. Writer’s Relief has done all the research so you don’t have to.


Writers Space Africa (WSA) Magazine is an international literary magazine, which features a rich diversity of writings from African writers to a global audience.  Calling African Writers


Proofreaders Marks

Proofreaders marks from the Chicago Manual of Style online.  A must for all writers.

Research Links

Find places to research for any genre or topic, resources, dictionaries, and more.

Achieving 250 Words / 25 Lines Per Page

Achieve the Ideal format for novel submission, fonts and margins.

Literary Agents List

A growing alphabetical  list of new literary agents actively seeking writers, books, and queries.

New:  The 2023 Guide to Manuscript Publishers

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