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If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn't matter a damn how you write.
- Somerset Maugham

All the words I use in my stories can be found in the dictionary -- it's just a matter of arranging them into the right sentences.
- Somerset Maugham

Anecdotes don't make good stories. Generally I dig down underneath them so far that the story that finally comes out is not what people thought their anecdotes were about.
- Alice Munro

If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor.
- Edgar Rice Burroughs

Rejection slips, or form letters, however tactfully phrased, are lacerations of the soul, if not quite inventions of the devil -- but there is no way around them.
Isaac Asimov

To write fiction, one need a whole series of inspirations about people in an actual environment, and then a whole lot of work on the basis of those inspirations.
- Aldus Huxley

Get it down.  Take changes.  It may be bad, but it's the only way you can do anything really good.
- William Faulkner

Books aren't written, they're rewritten.  Including our own.  It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn't quite done it.
- Michael Crichton

Any man who keeps working is not a failure.  He may not be a great writer, but if he applies the old-fashioned virtues of hard, constant labor, he'll eventually make some kind of career for himself as a writer.
- Ray Bradbury

ASCII Characters


By: Deanna Lilly

ASCII characters are used for foreign words or when you need a symbol you cannot locate easily on your computer using the Insert Symbol option.

To create the ASCII character, Hold down the ALT key and use the numeric keypad (you must use the numeric keypad) to create the characters for your manuscripts.

ALT+0162=¢     ALT+0169=©     ALT=0153=™     ALT=0176=°     ALT+0167=§


ALT+2       ☻ 
ALT+3        ♥
ALT+4        ♦
ALT+5        ♣
ALT+6        ♠
ALT+7        •
ALT+8        ◘
ALT+9        ○
ALT+10      ◙
ALT+11      ♂
ALT+12      ♀
ALT+13      ♪
ALT+14      ♫
ALT+15      ☼
ALT+16      ►
ALT+17      ◄
ALT+18       ↕
ALT+19       ‼
ALT+20      ¶
ALT+21      §
ALT+22      ▬
ALT+23      ↨
ALT+24      ↑
ALT+25      ↓
ALT+26      →
ALT+27      ←
ALT+28      ∟
ALT+29      ↔
ALT+30      ▲
ALT+31      ▼
ALT+33      !
ALT+34      “
ALT+35      #
ALT+36      $
ALT+37      %
ALT+38      &
ALT+39      ‘
ALT+40      (
ALT+41      )
ALT+42      *
ALT+43      +
ALT+44      ,
ALT+45      –
ALT+47      /
ALT+48      0
ALT+49      1
ALT+50      2
ALT+51      3
ALT+52      4
ALT+53      5
ALT+54      6
ALT+55      7
ALT+56      8
ALT+57      9
ALT+58      :
ALT+59      ;
ALT+60      <
ALT+61      =
ALT+62      >
ALT+63      ?
ALT+64      @
ALT+65      A
ALT+66      B
ALT+67      C
ALT+68      D
ALT+69      E
ALT+70      F
ALT+71      G
ALT+72      H
ALT+73      I
ALT+74      J
ALT+75      K
ALT+76      L
ALT+77      M
ALT+78      N
ALT+79      O
ALT+80      P
ALT+81      Q
ALT+82      R
ALT+83      S
ALT+84      T
ALT+85      U
ALT+86      V
ALT+87      W
ALT+88      X
ALT+89      Y
ALT+90      Z
ALT+91      [
ALT+92      \
ALT+93      ]
ALT+94      ^
ALT+95      _
ALT+96      `
ALT+97      a
ALT+98      b
ALT+99      c
ALT+100    d
ALT+101    e
ALT+102    f
ALT+103    g
ALT+104    h
ALT+105     i
ALT+106     j
ALT+107     k
ALT+108     l
ALT+109    m
ALT+110     n
ALT+111     o
ALT+112     p
ALT+113     q
ALT+114     r
ALT+115     s


ALT+116     t
ALT+117     u
ALT+118     v
ALT+119     w
ALT+120     x
ALT+121     y
ALT+122     z
ALT+123     {
ALT+124     |
ALT+125     }
ALT+126    ~
ALT+127    ⌂
ALT+128    Ç
ALT+129    ü
ALT+130    é
ALT+131    â
ALT+132    ä
ALT+133    à
ALT+134    å
ALT+135    ç
ALT+136    ê
ALT+137    ë
ALT+138    è
ALT+139    ï
ALT+140    î
ALT+141    ì
ALT+142    Ä
ALT+143    Å
ALT+144    É
ALT+145    §
ALT+146    Æ
ALT+147    ô
ALT+148    ö
ALT+149    ò
ALT+150    û
ALT+151    ù
ALT+152    ÿ
ALT+153    Ö
ALT+154    Ü
ALT+155    ¢
ALT+156    £
ALT+157    ¥
ALT+158    ₧
ALT+159    ƒ
ALT+160    á
ALT+161    í
ALT+162    ó
ALT+163    ú
ALT+164    ñ
ALT+165    Ñ
ALT+166    ª
ALT+167    º
ALT+168    ¿
ALT+169    ⌐
ALT+170     ¬
ALT+171     ½
ALT+172     ¼
ALT+173     ¡
ALT+174     «
ALT+175     »
ALT+176     ░
ALT+177     ▒
ALT+178     ▓
ALT+179     │
ALT+180     ┤
ALT+181     ╡
ALT+182     ╢
ALT+183     ╖
ALT+184     ╕
ALT+185     ╣
ALT+186     ║
ALT+187     ╗
ALT+188     ╝
ALT+189     ╜
ALT+190     ╛
ALT+191     ┐
ALT+192     └
ALT+193     ┴
ALT+194     ├
ALT+195     ├
ALT+196     ─
ALT+197     ┼
ALT+198     ╞
ALT+199     ╟
ALT+200     ╚
ALT+201     ╔
ALT+202     ╩
ALT+203     ╦
ALT+204     ╠
ALT+205     ═
ALT+206     ╬
ALT+207     ╧
ALT+208     ╨
ALT+209     ╤
ALT+210     ╥
ALT+211     ╙
ALT+212     ╘
ALT+213     ╒
ALT+214     ╓
ALT+215     ╫
ALT+216     ╪
ALT+217     ┘
ALT+218    ┌
ALT+219     █
ALT+220     ▄
ALT+221     ▌
ALT+222     ▐
ALT+223     ▀
ALT+224     α
ALT+225     ß
ALT+226     Γ
ALT+227     π
ALT+228     Σ
ALT+229     σ
ALT+230     µ
ALT+231     τ
ALT+232     Φ
ALT+233     Θ
ALT+234     Ω
ALT+235     δ
ALT+236     ∞
ALT+237     φ
ALT+238     ε
ALT+239     ∩
ALT+240     ≡
ALT+241     ±
ALT+242     ≥
ALT+243     ≤
ALT+244     ⌠


ALT+245     ⌡
ALT+246     ÷
ALT+247     ≈
ALT+248     °
ALT+249     ∙
ALT+250     ·
ALT+251     √
ALT+252     ⁿ
ALT+253     ²
ALT+254     ■
ALT+255       (blank space)

ALT+0128    €
ALT+0130    ‚
ALT+0131    ƒ
ALT+0132    „
ALT+0133   …
ALT+0134    †
ALT+0135    ‡
ALT+0136     ˆ
ALT+0137     ‰
ALT+0138     Š
ALT+0139     ‹
ALT+0140     Œ
ALT+0142     Ž
ALT+0145     ‘
ALT+0146     ’
ALT+0147     “
ALT+0148     ”
ALT+0149     •
ALT+0150     –
ALT+0151     —
ALT+0152     ˜
ALT+0153     ™
ALT+0154     š
ALT+0155     ›
ALT+0156     œ
ALT+0158     ž
ALT+0159     Ÿ
ALT+0161     ¡
ALT+0163     ¥
ALT+0166     ¦
ALT+0167     §
ALT+0168     ¨
ALT+0169     ©
ALT+0170     ª
ALT+0171     «
ALT+0172     ¬
ALT+0174     ®
ALT+0175     ¯
ALT+0176     °
ALT+0177     ±
ALT+0178     ²
ALT+0179     ³
ALT+0180     ´
ALT+0181     µ
ALT+0182     ¶
ALT+0183     ·
ALT+0184     ¸
ALT+0185     ¹
ALT+0186     º
ALT+0187     »
ALT+0188     ¼
ALT+0189     ½
ALT+0190     ¾
ALT+0191     ¿
ALT+0192     À
ALT+0193     Á
ALT+0194     Â
ALT+0195     Ã
ALT+0196     Ä
ALT+0197     Å
ALT+0198     Æ
ALT+0199     Ç
ALT+0200     È
ALT+0201     É
ALT+0202     Ê
ALT+0203     Ë
ALT+0204     Ì
ALT+0205     Í
ALT+0206     Î
ALT+0207     Ï
ALT+0208     Ð
ALT+0209     Ñ
ALT+0210     Ò
ALT+0211     Ó
ALT+0212     Ô
ALT+0213     Õ
ALT+0214     Ö
ALT+0215     ×
ALT+0216     Ø
ALT+0217     Ù
ALT+0218     Ú
ALT+0219     Û
ALT+0220     Ü
ALT+0221     Ý
ALT+0222     Þ
ALT+0223     ß
ALT+0224     à
ALT+0225     á
ALT+0226     â
ALT+0227     ã
ALT+0228     ä
ALT+0229     å
ALT+0230     æ
ALT+0231     ç
ALT+0232     è
ALT+0233     é
ALT+0234     ê
ALT+0235     ë
ALT+0236     ì
ALT+0237     í
ALT+0238     î
ALT+0239     ï
ALT+0240     ð
ALT+0241     ñ
ALT+0242     ò
ALT+0243     ó
ALT+0244     ô
ALT+0245     õ
ALT+0246     ö
ALT+0247     ÷
ALT+0248     ø
ALT+0249     ù
ALT+0250     ú
ALT+0251     û
ALT+0252     ü
ALT+0253     ý
ALT+0255     ÿ





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